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FXMMS 6 SMT (2mm) 10/125 µm / ITU-T G.652D (10814)

Article number: 310800006

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FXMMS Optical fibre installation cable
- Number of fibres: 6.
- fibres diameter: 2mm.
- Cable outer diameter: 8mm.
- Fibre: central element, glass fibre.
- Inner sheath: aramid binding yarn.
- Taping: fire barrier tape.
- Rip cord.
- Minimum installation temperature: -15°C.
- Rated temperature for fixed installation: -45°C to 70°C.
Installation cable unit FMS 1 (2mm):
- yellow color with SMT fibres.
- green color with GKT, OM3T and OM4T fibres.
Outer sheath: halogen free sheath:
- blue color with SMT-fibres.
- green color with GKT, OM3T and OM4T-fibres.
Maximum bending radius:
- fixed installation: 130mm
- flexible installation: 195mm.
Fire behaviour:
- Fire retardent according to IEC 60332-3-22.
- Flame retardent according to IEC 60332-1.
- Halogenity according to IEC 60754-1.
- pH and conductivity according to IEC 60754-2.
- Smoke emission according to IEC 61034.


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