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Marine and offshore cable

Becatech offers a wide range of ship and offshore cables for use in shipping, offshore platforms and subsea installations.

Becatech is official dealer of manufacturer Unika SpA for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. 

Marine and offshore cables are a crucial part of the business processes in shipping, offshore and subsea installations. These cables are designed for harsh and extreme conditions and by using the right specifications and the right standards, the efficiency, continuity and safety of the business processes is guaranteed. 

The types of cables we supply are:

  • Power cables: these cables are used for the safe and reliable transfer of energy to ships, offshore platforms and subsea installations, ensuring the continuous power supply of systems and equipment on board.
  • Communication cables: these cables for data transmission and networking are designed for reliable communication between systems, devices and control rooms on ships, platforms and subsea applications.
  • Control cables: these cables are used for the transmission of signals and commands between devices and systems and meet the highest requirements.
  • Submarine cables: these cables are specifically designed for underwater use, such as offshore oil and gas exploration, underwater telecommunications and power transmission between subsea installations.

If you are looking for a specific cable or cable assembly, please contact our team of experts and we will be happy to help you.

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