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Fire resistant Marine instrumentation cable SH-CI-C-A-F S95 2x2x2.5 mm²

Article number: 310700802

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Fire resistant control instrumentation marine cable collectively screened and armoured
- Number of conductors: 2 pairs.
- Conductor diameter: 2,5mm².
- Cable outer diameter: 15,2mm.
- Conductor: flexible bare copper class 5 according to IEC 60228.
- insulation: silicon compound according to IEC 60092-360.
- Collectively screened: aluminium/polyester tape with drain wire.
- Armour: Bare copper wire braid (upon request tinned copper of galvanized steel braid), minimum coverage is 90%.
- Outer sheath: SHF1 compound according to IEC 60092-360.
- Can be used for fixed installation in most areas and on open deck in ships and offshore units.
- IF the cable is exposed to direct sunlight, protective covering of cable with black outer sheth is recommended.
- Maximum bending radius: 6 x ø.
- Minimum installation temperature: -15°C.
- Rated conductor temperature for fixed installation: -40°C to 90°C.
Fire behaviour:
- Non fire propafation according to IEC 60332-3-22.
- Non flame propagation according to IEC 60332-1.
- Fire resistant according to IEC 60331-21, IEC 60331-1 (2).
- Halogen content according to IEC 60754-1.
- pH and conductivity according to IEC 60754-2.
- Fluorine content according to IEC 60684-2.
- Smoke emission according to IEC 61034.
Core identification:
- Single: black with numbers (1,2,3,...).
- Pair: black, white with numbers (1-1,2-2,3-3,...)
- Triple: black, white, red with numbers (1-1-1,2-2-2,3-3-3,...).
- Quad: black, white, red, blue with numbers (1-1-1-1,2-2-2-2,3-3-3-3,...).
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