XVB-Cca 5g6 mm²

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Low voltage power cable
- Number of conductor: 5.
- Conductor diameters: 6mm².
- Outer cable diameters: 14,5mm.
- Conductor: copper.
- Insulation: XLPE.
- Cover: taped or extruded.
- Outer sheath: fire retardent PVC.
- Maximum conductor temperature: 90°C.
- Minimum temperature installation: 0°C.
- Application: for indoor and outdoor installations (in ducts, cable channels, open air and soil (only with protection)).
Minimum bending radius:
- Single core: 15 x ø.
- Multi core: 12 x ø.
Fire behaviour:
- reaction to fire according to EN 50399 Cca -s3,d2,a3 and NBN C30-004 F2.
- UV-resistance according to EN 50289-4-17 method A 720h.
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