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SiHF/GLS-P-J 3g0.75 mm²

Article number: 360100305

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Armoured silicone insulated cable
- Number of conductors: 3.
- Conductor diameters: 0,75mm².
- Outer canle diameter: 8,3mm.
- Conductor: flexible tinned copper (class 5).
- Insulation: silicone rubber.
- Armour: round or flat steel wires, galvanized.
- Outer sheath: silicone rubber.
- Covering: braided glass fibers.
- Maximum cinductor temperature: 180°C.
- Rated temperature fixed: -60°C to 180°C.
- Rated bending radius fixed: 10 x ø.
- Fire behaviour according to IEC 60332-1-2 (flame retardant).
- Application: for the connection of electrical appliances at high mechanical stress at increased environmental temperatures, for example in steelworks, but also at low temperatures.


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