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Overall shielded Data cable 1x2xAWG20 FT-4 Grey

Article number: 399500153

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Overall foil shield multi-conductor FT-4
- Number of conductors: 1 pair.
- Conductor diameters: 0,5mm².
- Outer cable diameters: 4,75mm.
- Conductor: stranded tinned copper wire.
- Insulation: polyethylene.
- Screen: overall 100% aluminium foil shield.
- Outer sheath: polyvinylchloride FT-4.
- Rated temperature: -20°C to 80°C.
- Flame test rating: CSA FT4.
- Application: range of shielded single pair and multi-core cables for indoor use in instrumentation, data and audio applications where protection against electrical interference is required.
- The insulation used has lower signal loss.
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