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ROZ1-K EMC 3x185 + 3G35 1KV Black cca

Article number: 341010320

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Flexible EMC screened power cable
- Number of conductors: 3 + 3.
- Conductor diameters: 150 + 25mm².
- Outer cable diameters: 45,2mm.
- Conductor: flexible electrolytic annealed copper (class 5) according to IEC 60228.
- Protective conductor: ground conductor is divided into three conductors; the equivalant cross-section is approx. 50% of the section of the phase conductor.
- Insulation: XLPE according to IEC 60502-1, type HFXLPE 90°C according to IEC 60092-360.
- Screen: aluminium/polyester tape screen, helically placed over the insulated conducotrs. Over the tape there is a tinned copper braid screen (works as a double screen).
- Outer sheath: polyolefin LSHF, type ST8 according to IEC 60502-1 and type SHF1 according to IEC 60092-360.
- Maximum conductor temperature: 90°C.
- Minimum temperature: -40°C.
- Rated bending radius: 10 x ø.
- Application: industrial use, variable frequency drive. Can be used in open air, burried or in conduit.
Fire behaviour:
- CPR classification: Cca-s1a-d1-a1.
- Flame retardant according to IEC 60332-1.
- Fire resistant according to IEC 60332-3.
- Low smoke halogen free according to IEC 60754-1.
- Low smoke emission according to IEC 61034.
- Low corrosive gases emission according to IEC 60754-2.
Core identification:
- three cores x three g cores + grey + brown + black + green/yellow (3G from 6mm² onwards).
- Four g cores + grey + brown + black + green/yellow (up to 4mm²).


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