Olflex FD 90 CY 1 x 70 mm²

Article number 399500006

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Highly flexible, screened, single core cable
- Number of conductor: 1.
- Conductor diameters: 70mm².
- Outer cable diameters: 19,4mm.
- Conductor: extra-fine wire strand made of bare copper wires (class 6).
- Bedding: non-woven wrapping.
- Insulation: PVC.
- Screen: tinned-copper braiding.
- Outer sheath: PVC (orange).
- Rated temperature flexible installation: -5°C to 70°C (UL: 90°C).
- Rated temperature fixed installation: -40°C to 70°C (UL: 90°C).
- Rated bending radius flexible installation: 7,5 x ø.
- Rated bending radius fixed installation: 3 x ø.
- In power chains or moving machine parts.
- For internal wiring of electric and electronic equipment in switch cabinets.
- Specially designed for power circuits of servomotors driven by frequency converters.
- This cable can substitute screened multi-core motor cables where space requirements or minimum bending radius cause problems.
- Test systems in the automotive industry vehicles and stationary fuel cell systems.
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