Standard Cable Lug 240mm² M12

Article number 3501121M12

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Tubular cable lug, standard type
- Material: copper (EN13600).
- Surface: tin-plated to protect against corrosion.
- Dimension a: 35,0mm.
- Dimension b: 39,0mm.
- Dimension d1: 21,0mm.
- Dimension d2: 13,0mm.
- Dimension d4: 26,0mm.
- Dimension c1: 21,5mm.
- Dimension c2: 19,0mm.
- Dimension I: 72,0mm.
-> See attachment for measurements.
- Annealed materials optimises material and crimping properties.
- To DIN EN 61373 class 1B vibration tested.
- Simple and safe connection due to flat contact surfaces and internal chamfer.
- Item identificatoin on cable lug.
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