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Kabelvlieter 2 trekogen ø10-15mm L= 600/800

Article number: 399501581

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Cable pull stockings with two tensile eyes
- Galvanized bowden wire.
- Handmade, so they're very flexible.
- Easily adapt to any difference in cable diameter and are easy to handle.
- Other versions, e.g. reinforced, different length or in stainless steel ARE available.
- Type: 15/2.
- L1: 600mm, the length without cables in.
- L2: 800mm, total length including the tensile eyes.
- !The actual length mounted on the cable can be much shorter depending on the cable diameter!
- Up to K30 eyes without thimbles, from K40 eyes with steel thimbles.
- B: internal diameter of the tensile eye.
- D: 10-15mm, thickness of the tensile eye.
- kN: 10,2. minimum breaking load, with equal pulling force on both tensile eyes.


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