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Casting resin connecting sleeve for plastic cables
- Storage time/ shelf life: casting resin up to 40 months.
- Dimension L: 400mm.
- Dimension D: 70mm.
- Dimension H: 95mm.
- Maximum outer cable diameter: 48mm.
- Interior space.
- Outside.
- Soil.
- Water.
- Installation channels.
- Compact dimensions.
- Branch position visible before casting.
- High-quality, transparent, impact-resistance plastic molding shells.
- Large filling opening for easy to be able to cast.
- Resistant to alkaline earth.
- Resistant to UV rays.
- Longitudinal and transverse waterproof.
- High electrical insulation values.
- High mechanical strength.
- Immediatly operational.
- Easy and fast assembly, time and cost saving.
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