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Band-it AE435 / PPA 571 Coated Band SS 15.88mm - 25 Meter

Article number: 3702AE435

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Stainless steel band
- This alloy provides superior corrosion resistance in fresh water and typical atmospheres and is non-magnetic.
- Ideal for food process, chemical/ argicultural hose assemblies, marine splashzones and some acidic environments.
- PPA 571 coated: halogen free coating for additional corrosion resistance and smoother edges.
- Utilized in general use banding application for marine splash zone.
- Comes with easy scale patented imprint on the band to quickly determine band length without waste.
- Width: 15,8mm.
- Thickness: 1,22mm.
- Average breaking strength: 840.
- Package quantity: 25m per roll.


Band-it AE435
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